Can I Use A Power Washer to Remove Moss From Driveway?

Do you want to effectively remove moss from driveway surfaces and other areas of the property? You can easily do so with power washing techniques. 

Here’s more about how to tackle moss and other unwanted substances with simple pressure washing by Hawkins Tree and Landscaping.

What To Know Before Removing Moss from Driveway Asphalt or Concrete Surface

Moss growth can be a big problem on surfaces, making them unattractive and dangerously slippery for feet and tire treads. However, before you go full-steam ahead with a project yourself, there are some important considerations that may affect your decision.

First, not every power washer is equal. An older model with a smaller nozzle and less power might not work well for removing moss from your driveway. In fact, if it lacks a turbo nozzle attachment and nozzles that can spray heavy streams of water at high pressure, it probably won’t work on moss.

Is your driveway concrete or asphalt? Moss can be notoriously difficult to remove from concrete driveways because it has such a firm hold on the surface. You will need something far more potent than regular water pressure for meaningful results.

Equipment and Supplies for Pressure Washing the Driveway

If the driveway is asphalt or another material that isn’t as porous as concrete (like brick), amateur pressure washing might work to remove some of the moss. However, there are several other essential supplies that professionals like Hawkins Tree and Landscaping would use for top-notch results, including the following:

  • High-pressure hose with adjustable turbo nozzle (with multiple settings to adjust the pressure)
  • A quality cleaning solution, such as trisodium phosphate with chlorine bleach
  • An extension cord or power source to reach the furthest parts of your driveway

How to Remove Moss from the Driveway Step by Step

How would the professionals remove moss from your driveway using a pressure washer? The following steps are a great start:

  1. We sweep the driveway surface using an outdoor broom.
  2. We apply a solution of water, bleach, and heavy-duty cleaner to the surface to prevent any damage (caused by moisture trapped in moss spores).
  3. We leave the mixture for ten minutes and then rinse away excess liquid with a garden hose. For stubborn spots, we might use a scrub brush or sponge to gently remove residue from the surface of the driveway.
  4. We check that nearby plants, shrubs, and lawns have a plastic sheeting cover before we remove moss from driveway surfaces with high-pressure water spray.
  5. We then turn on the power washer and choose low-pressure and low-temperature settings. 
  6. Our professionals will proceed to spray the area until it is wet but not flooded. We use a power washer to spray the area with hot, high-pressure water, which is essential for removing moss.
  7. Afterward, we suggest that you let your driveway dry thoroughly before driving over it.

That’s how to get a moss-free driveway in seven easy steps with cost-effective power washing.

Let the Pros at Hawkins Tree Help You Maintain Your Driveway The Easy Way

Moss on the driveway is only one problem that pressure washing can solve. If you have a moss problem that just won’t go away, be sure to ask the Hawkins Tree and Landscaping team more. These techniques offer countless benefits, including the following:

  • Upgrade the curb appeal of the property
  • Refresh walls before painting jobs
  • Wash away oil stains and more

Call Hawkins Tree and Landscaping at (870) 330-9912 today for professional advice about how to remove moss from driveway surfaces and tips for soft washing vs. pressure washing on other exterior surfaces.

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