Forestry Mulching in Texarkana, AR

Certified Forestry Mulchers to Clear Your Texarkana Property

Land clearing projects are often enormous undertakings. Take some weight off your shoulders with Hawkins Tree and Landscaping’s forestry mulching in Texarkana, AR. Call 870-330-9912.

Plant growth is essential to any environment, even commercial and residential properties. However, it can grow too thick or overtake a property if left unchecked. You might also want to clear some land to start a construction project. Forestry mulching from Hawkins Tree and Landscaping offers the perfect solution for your Texarkana property. 

What Is Forestry Mulching?

Forestry mulching is a cutting-edge method of removing trees, brush, and undergrowth from a piece of land. Mulching professionals drive multiple machines to eliminate stumps, mature trees, and other plant life from an area. They connect mulcher attachments to heavy equipment, skillfully moving them through the property. 

Once they finish the job, they leave clean dirt behind — the perfect spot to start building. 

The Advantages of Forestry Mulching in Texarkana, AR

What makes forestry mulching in Texarkana, AR, different from other land-clearing techniques?

  • Selectivity: You might have a section that contains both dead and healthy trees. You can be more selective about the specimens you remove with forestry mulching. 
  • Versatility: We use this method to cultivate the perfect hunting ground or clear an area for a new structure. 
  • Growth management: Invasive species, like kudzu, can choke out native plants. Effectively eliminate these invaders while leaving more room for local growth. 
  • Erosion control:When you leave the layer of mulch behind, you prevent soil erosion from wearing away at the land. Plant life grows faster because of the nutrients, securing the soil with complex root systems. 
  • Soil health: You can leave the crushed-up mulch behind to create a nutrient-rich, protective layer that nourishes fresh growth. 
  • Eco-friendliness: Traditional land-clearing methods involve burning organic material. Mulching leaves a layer of finely crushed matter behind that nurtures the environment. 
  • Ground preservation: Some clearing methods destroy the ground and disturb the root systems of desired plants. Forestry mulching leaves the ground primarily intact. 

Did we mention that this service competitively priced with other methods and providers? So you’ll protect the environment, your property’s plant life, and your wallet! 

Why Work with Our Certified Arborists

At Hawkins Tree and Landscaping, we employ certified arborists who put safety, professionalism, and customer service first. Our family-owned and operated business values the connections it makes within the community. Our loyal customer base chooses us for tree services time and time again because of:

  • Our attention to detail
  • Our extensive collection of best-in-class equipment 
  • Our ability to handle dangerous or complex tasks

We put our best foot forward with superior workmanship and diverse service options. Working with a professional, fully insured tree service like us also ensures your safety and protects your property.  

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