Why It’s Important To Raise the Tree Canopy

When the trees in an open landscape or park have large, low-hanging branches, they barely raise any eyebrows. However, in urban and suburban settings, low branches on established trees may sag or droop into unwanted areas, obstruct vision, interfere with traffic, and cause all sorts of problems.   

Raising the tree canopy works well at solving the issue. As Texarkana’s reliable tree trimming and pruning experts, we’ll explore why it’s important to raise the tree canopy.  

What Is Tree Canopy Lifting?  

Raising a tree’s canopy refers to a tree pruning process designed to remove a few lower branches from a tree or lower lateral branches from a larger limb. This results in a higher tree canopy (or tree crown) more suitable for urban environments.  

Tree care experts usually perform this technique on young and medium-aged trees to stunt the growth of branches or limbs that may eventually cause obstructions. Once a tree grows and matures, raising the crown may cause irreparable damage.  

Over time, and after the removal of shortened branches, the tree adapts and starts to grow based on the surrounding environment.   

Why Raise Tree Canopy?  

Besides encouraging trees to grow in a manner more conducive to urban settings, here’s why raising the canopy matters.

Protects People and Property  

Canopy raising prevents low branches from hanging or sagging to create hazards. Although trees with low branches make for great shade, they can cause problems during high winds or heavy storms, particularly in urban areas. During a hurricane, tree limbs may break and endanger people nearby or cause property damage. Removing weak, hanging limbs helps mitigate potentially hazardous problems caused by severe storms. Decreased weight in large lateral limbs also reduces the potential for tree failure under heavy loads.  

Enhances Visibility  

Proper canopy raising improves visibility in high-traffic areas. Think of road signs hung by the side of the road. If trees with long-hanging branches block essential road signs, they may cause back-ups, traffic accidents, and much worse.   

Canopy lifting also increases clearances from buildings, service wires, and pedestrians. Canopy lifting becomes necessary in urban settings for these reasons, as trees tend to obstruct views or block too much sunlight.  

Enhances Aesthetic Appeal  

Canopy raising done professionally stunts the growth of potentially disastrous tree limbs early on. Making minor cuts at regular intervals to lower or irregular tree branches suppresses their growth. This forces the tree to channel its resources toward the upper branches.  

Trees with raised canopies look neat, require minimal upkeep, and add value to the property.  

Reasons to Hire a Professional  

Canopy raising may seem straightforward, but it requires skill, patience, and precision. The effectiveness of the crown lifting process depends on the strategic removal of limbs. That said, you only want to hire a professional tree service to raise a tree canopy. Cutting too much may cause the tree to be top-heavy or damage it. Not to mention, younger trees may not take too well to improper pruning.  

Trust Your Local Tree and Landscaping Experts for Help  

Let the Hawkins Tree and Landscaping team handle your tree care needs so you can focus on what you do best. Count on us to help you maintain gorgeous and healthy trees. We offer various tree services, including:  

  • Tree trimming and pruning  
  • Tree removal  
  • Emergency tree services  
  • Storm damage cleanup  

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