Five Trees Native to Arkansas

Given the variety of trees you can pick from, determining the best tree to plant can be quite a headache. Fortunately, if you are in Hope, AR, you can always choose to go with one of the many beautiful trees native to Arkansas.

In this post, we will look at five of the most common native trees in Arkansas, highlighting why any one of them would be a perfect addition to your property’s landscape.

trees native to arkansas

1. Pine Tree

Few things are more synonymous with Arkansas’ landscape than pine trees. In fact, they are the state’s official tree.

Pine trees are famous for their resilience, strength, and natural beauty. What’s more, these trees truly come alive during fall and winter. The contrast their evergreen needles create with the colors of the yellowing leaves around them is nothing short of spectacular.

With all this in mind, you can never go wrong by having this iconic Arkansas native tree adorning your property’s front lawn or backyard.

2. Eastern Hop-Hornbeam

Are you looking for a tree that will add texture and interest to your home’s landscape? Then the Eastern hop-hornbeam is the perfect choice. It is a deciduous tree that has a narrow, upright shape and a smooth, grayish-brown bark. The slender and twiggy branches give the tree its unique silhouette, thanks mainly to the zigzag pattern in which they grow.

3. Oak Tree

Yes, Arkansas has its fair share of plant life. However, there is one plant that stands out above the rest: oak trees.

They are trees native to Arkansas and have been a staple of the state’s ecosystem for generations. They are extremely resilient and have incredibly long lifespans, with some living up to 500 years.

Would you like to add a bit of the state’s heritage and history to your property? Reach out to Hope’s reliable tree service today, and let us help you plant and care for your oak tree.

4. Red Buckeye

Not every property owner has the luxury of space. However, limited room shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the beauty trees bring. There’s always a way around it.

For instance, you could opt for the red buckeye, a small tree that grows to about 15 feet. It might be small, but the beauty it promises to add to your property is monumental.

On top of its glossy green leaflets, during spring, the red buckeye produces bunches of orange-red or bright red flowers. The best part is that the flowers’ nectar-rich aroma always draws in hummingbirds and other pollinators.

5. Rusty Blackhaw

The rusty blackhaw is another small tree option you should consider — not just for its overall shape and form but also for its attractive berries and eye-catching foliage.

Like the red buckeye tree, this tree also grows to about 15 feet tall, making it suitable for a wide range of landscapes. What’s more, the tree has glossy, dark green leaves that turn deep red as seasons change.

As beautiful as this sounds, spring is when the tree truly flourishes. This is thanks to the white flowers that bloom and the shiny black berries that draw in birds and other wildlife.

Professional Tree Services in Hope, AR

While trees native to Arkansas don’t need a lot of care to grow healthy and beautiful, neglect won’t do them any favors. You will still have to maintain them if you are to fully tap into their beauty and benefits.

At Hawkins Tree and Landscaping, our commitment is to offer the solutions your trees need to grow strong and healthy. Whether you need to prune a mature fig tree or emergency tree service, we’ve got you covered.

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