Do Mature Trees Need Watering?

Do mature trees need watering? The short answer is that they may, depending on the circumstances. In this post, Hawkins Tree and Landscaping, Hope’s top-rated tree service, explains more about this subject. Read on to find out how to take care of established trees. 

do mature trees need watering

Why Should You Water Mature Trees?

You might wonder this, considering that trees in the wild have to make do with the water they can get. What you must remember is that our gardens aren’t natural landscapes. Trees have long stood in forests, where decaying leaves and branches form a natural mulch. 

With all our pruning and gardening techniques, we create an unnatural environment. So, even if the tree roots run deep enough to survive some drought stress, they may need help.

As a good rule of thumb, mature trees need watering if they’ve gone through a month without rain.

The Difference Between Watering Young and Mature Trees

With saplings, the roots haven’t spread out much, so you should water close to the trunk. Older trees have more extensive root systems, so you need to water at the outside of the dripline. 

You’ll also need to extend the mulch’s perimeter to this point. Putting down a layer of mulch between three and four inches thick will regulate soil temperatures, smother weeds, and lock in moisture. However, the mulch should never touch the tree trunk, as it might cause rot. 

Mulching is far better for your tree than letting the grass grow right up to it. By keeping the grass away, you allow your tree full access to the nutrients it needs to thrive. 

Keep Your Mature Tree Healthy

The question now becomes how much do mature trees need watering. The answer is that you need to strike the right balance between making your tree happy and leaching out minerals. If you oversaturate the soil, you force out the oxygen, causing the roots to suffocate slowly. 

Worse yet, you may make your tree think the rainy season has arrived, which triggers a growth cycle. Your tree will then be in greater distress because it’ll need even more water.

To keep your tree healthy, you need to encourage deep root growth. This means watering the tree deeply once a week, so the tree must look for water. The tree will spend less time developing a shallow root system and dig deeper into the earth. This supports better moisture control in the long run.

The Best Way To Water Your Trees

Whether you face a dry season or not, a soaker hose makes a worthwhile investment. You can lay these out in a spiral shape around the trunk, allowing for even watering. The hose drips water out slowly, meaning that it soaks in more effectively where you need it. It also prevents the tree from getting flooded with a sudden rush of water. 

When Should You Water Your Trees? 

You’ll probably need to water your plants once a week in dry weather. However, never make assumptions; perform a quick moisture check. Use a screwdriver longer than eight inches to check the water levels. 

Simply poke the screwdriver in and see how much resistance there is. If it goes in easily, you can wait a little to water. If you can’t push the shaft all the way in, you need to get your hose. 

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