How Far Can a Tree Lean Before It Falls in Texarkana, AR?

Some trees naturally lean from the way they grow, and others can start to lean due to physical impacts or tree damage. Either way, most tree owners want to know, “How far can a tree lean before it falls?” Knowing the absolute maximum tree lean angle for stability is important so you can recognize when you need tree service. 

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Why Is My Tree Leaning?

Trees can lean for several reasons, but there are three most common factors affecting tree fall risk. 

  • Sunlight. Trees naturally grow and orient themselves to maximize the amount of sunlight they get, a behavior known as phototropism. So, if a tree faces competition for sunlight, it might lean while growing to get more life. 
  • Soil erosion. Soil erosion from rain, wind, and landscaping can also cause your trees to lean in one direction or the other. Soil needs to be compact enough to support the weight of roots, and it can erode over time, causing the tree to lean. 
  • Wind. Trees can also lean due to a combination of wind and sloped ground. If you live in a windy area, your trees might start to lean in the direction of the wind, especially if you have newer trees that are still growing. 

Is Tree Leaning Always Bad?

Tree leaning is not always harmful or bad for your tree as it’s sometimes a result of natural growing conditions. As a general rule of thumb, the tree lean stability threshold is about 15 degrees from perpendicular to the ground. Any further than that is past the tree leaning angle safety. You should also consider calling a professional to assess the tree lean for safety if your tree starts to rapidly start leaning over a few days. 

Tree leaning can pose a safety hazard if it leans too far, but how far a tree can lean before it falls depends on the type of tree. So, you should always keep tabs on your leaning trees and call a professional if they hit the tree leaning limit before falling.

What to Do About a Leaning Tree

If you have a leaning tree in your yard, you can do several things to straighten it out or prevent the lean from getting worse. Tree straightening works best with younger trees with thinner trunks, though you can also straighten out thicker tree trunks with a bit more effort. 

The simplest method to straighten out a tree is staking, which involves planting stakes in the ground and pulling the tree straight with straps attached to the stakes. The steps are as follows. 

  • First, place two to four stakes in the ground at a 45-degree angle about 2 feet away from the trunk. 
  • With some help, see if you can physically push the trunk back upright. Make sure you wear gloves to straighten the tree. 
  • Once the tree is straight up and down, press down the disturbed soil so it is tight and compact. 
  • While holding the tree upright, attach the straps around the trunk and stakes and tighten them. The best type of straps to use is canvas as they won’t cut and gouge the trunk underneath the force. 
  • You can often take the stakes out after the first growing season, and the tree will stay put. 

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