Three Reasons To Avoid DIY Land Clearing


DIY land clearing is one of the foremost reasons residential and commercial customers request our services in Texarkana and other service areas. Land clearing projects involve tree removal, tree stump uprooting, and many other landscaping works. For best results, leave these projects to the professionals because they pose a clear and imminent danger to customers, guests, and homeowners when done incorrectly.

Let’s review three reasons why thousands of people require land clearing in Texarkana by Hawkins Tree and Landscaping every year. You might be surprised how many of them apply to you.

Why Do People Engage in DIY Land Clearing?

Everyone needs a starting point before becoming an expert in any discipline, and our experts at Hawkins Tree and Landscaping were once thriving DIY landscapers before receiving formal training. DIY landscaping might seem cost-effective, but it involves a lot of trial and error. This works if you have a high tolerance for risks involving physical injury but is almost illegal if you own a business.

If you’re responsible for the well-being of your family, customers, or employees, you need to leave the landscaping work to professionals who do it for a living. Our landscapers and project planners abide by dozens of licensing laws and regular inspections to practice.

By requesting our help, you can avoid the top three reasons we see experienced property managers avoid DIY land clearing.

Why Avoid DIY Land Clearing

Amateurs Always Cut Too Few Trees

Trees add value to any property they grow on by providing shade, protection against soil erosion, and clean air. The most common mistake we see DIY landscapers make stems from cutting too few trees for environmental or aesthetic reasons.

Our professionals love minimizing the environmental impact of land clearing, but not providing enough clearance for sidewalks, foundations, and basements can do more harm than good. Land clearing operations require multiple cranes on-site, and they need to operate with enough space allotments so that they do not damage neighboring structures and trees. Our experienced project planners can help you cut as few trees as possible without risking damage to your equipment, building, and other exterior fixtures.

Amateurs Always Have a Casual Attitude About Land Clearing Hazards

Land clearing will provide you with a foundation for setting up playgrounds, fountains, parking lots, and other structures that might generate thousands of dollars of revenue per month. If you need to clear land for residential purposes, it will increase the real estate value of your home by turning negative outdoor space into something people, pets, or livestock can use. Many novice landscapers focus so much on the results of their land clearing operations that they forget how dangerous handling backhoes, tractors, brush hogs, and towing chains are to them and the people around them.

Contractors require years of experience and apprenticeships before clearing land as professionals. If they cut a tree the wrong way, they may lose a leg, an arm, or their lives. The same can occur for DIY landscapers.

Amateurs Have No Accounting for Broken Equipment and Missing Steps in Tree Removal

If you intend to cut down large trees and clear their massive root systems so that they do not become hideaways for pests and fungi, DIY land clearing can cost as much as hiring professionals.

Most people do DIY land clearing because they think they can save a buck or two by simply renting out equipment and following instructional videos and amateur land clearing manuals. If you hire a full-service company like us, you won’t need to worry about arguing with insurance adjusters if a chainsaw breaks or a tractor goes out of commission. By hiring experts, you pay for quality equipment and contractors with decades of experience using them.

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