How Does Clearing Land Increase Your Property Value? Guide for Texarkana Residence

Is your lawn or yard not looking its best? Maybe years of neglect caused overgrowth, or you’ve recently renovated your house to increase your home’s property value, and all the excess material and waste ended up on the grass. Unfortunately, a messy outdoor area could contradict those efforts, and we’ll explain why by answering, “How does clearing land increase your property value?”

Our licensed and insured team offers land clearing in Texarkana at competitive prices. Below, we explain land clearing and the top four reasons to reach out.

What Should You Know About Land Clearing?

You may think land clearing means picking up wooden planks and paint cans from your recent construction project or getting rid of old tire wheels and other broken or useless junk. However, it also involves taming your greenery and eradicating natural debris with trimming and pruning or removal services that haul away fallen hazards.

Keeping Your Property Safe for Residents

Whether a broken planter, tree stump, or fallen tree, anything poses a tripping threat, especially to frolicking pets and playful children. An accident causes mild scrapes and cuts, but in some cases, sprains, broken bones, and even death ensue. By keeping your land clear, you protect your family, and potential buyers will see the land as safe for their families, too.

Clearing Your Land for Environmental Safety

Unfortunately, that’s the least of the safety hazards. Dead leaves or limbs (whether still attached to the tree or fallen onto the grass) produce breeding grounds for disease and pests just as much as dense foliage does. Bacteria spreads to the entire tree and nearby greenery, threatening your yard’s health alongside your loved ones if insects like fire ants, termites, and ticks attack.

Thinning your trees and shrubs and clearing debris that bar:

  • Fungal growth that occurs in dead or dying greenery drenched in water, releasing spores toxic to human health
  • Property fires since dry wood and leaves serve as kindling material
  • Unnecessary decay in dense crowns since inner leaves cannot reach water and sunlight
  • Lower soil quality caused by excessive plants and trees all fighting for nutrients

Improving Curb Appeal

So, how else does land clearing increase property value? When prospects look for houses, they search for something aesthetically pleasing to call home. So, if you undergo landscape enhancements by removing unsightly items on your property, you’ll increase market demand. Each prospect will better imagine themself using and enjoying the clear grounds that complement a beautiful abode.

Preparing Your Land for Development

By improving visibility with proper upkeep, you also allow buyers to see every inch of the property at a glance while creating a more welcoming environment. You reveal areas that were otherwise hidden and, by pulling some of the greenery back a bit, increase the square footage of usable space.

These potential buyers then decide how much space they have to work with and if they can bring their residential development plans to fruition, whether their land use planning includes adding flower beds or a massive gazebo and patio deck. You can also build on the property before selling to increase property value further.

We Take Trees and Landscaping to the Next Level!

Now that you understand the economic impact land clearing has on your property value, should you take on the task yourself?

At Hawkins Tree and Landscaping, we’ve seen the negative effects of DIY land clearing. So, avoid harming yourself or your property by trusting our five-star specialists with years of experience and the appropriate environmental considerations. Call (870) 330-9912 for more on “How does clearing land increase property value?” and a free estimate in Texarkana!

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